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We met at the auction,

I was in the ring,

And people were laughing,

Laughing at me.

I stood in abject misery,

Despairing and alone.

Your voice called out,

A single number I think.

Silence fell around the room.

Then through another door I was sent.

I waited in a little pen.

I wasnt afraid,

At least not for me.

Id been starved and abused,

I was near the end of my life,

The baby inside of me was,

My only reason for hanging on.

They took me to your trailer.

Inside I found others like me,

Forgotten, abused, and thrown away.

Softly you promised good feed and good hay,

For once I wanted so much to believe!

When all the horses were loaded,

Even the short, long-eared one,

You closed the door.

I lowered my head,

And looked at the floor.

I was so tired and ready to give in.

Standing was almost more than I could bear.

Thank God for the short trip,

To the place you called home.

I looked around and for once I felt hope,

The hay and water waiting as if just for me,

This might be a good place for my baby.

Every day you gave kind words and soft pats.

You made special feed that was just for me!

So soft and easy to eat, it nourished me.

Three short weeks went by,

And to my sorrow,

My baby died.

I delivered my baby while you were gone,

You came out to feed me and knew what was wrong, 

I watched as you cried for the one that I lost.

I could feel your sorrow and your deep, deep love.

You comforted me and spent extra time,

I wanted to stay, but I knew it was my time.

You fought for me as no one before,

In the end you seemed to read in my eyes,

The longing to be on the other side.

You sat with me that day,

Whispering words of love.

Then you helped me go,

To meet my baby above.

I will wait for you there,

With Grace by my side.


Written by:  Brandi M. Qualset 

Copyright B.M. Qualset 2008

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Dedicated to the equine rescues who save horses every day.
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