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Mission and Policy Information
Our Mission:
Our Mission here at Missy's Hope Equine Rescue Resource is to provide an easy site of information for equine rescues, horse owners who need help, people who see horses in trouble, and for people who would like to help the horse situation.  We post all information on this site for free.  There is no charge because this is our way to help the horses in the United States.

Our goal is to help save as many horses as possible.  We also hope to be able to help rescues find adopters for the horses that are ready for homes.  When a forever home is found for a horse, it opens the way for another horse to be saved.

Because of the constant changes that occur in horse rescue (i.e. horses being adopted or rescued from their situation) the horses listed as looking for homes or for adoption are not guaranteed.  I keep horses on the list for a month, or until I get an update on their situation.  Sometimes I forget to remove a horse that is safe, so please bear with me.  If you contact an owner about a horse and find that the horse has found a home, please drop me and email and let me know.  If possible as the date from the page, the number, and a short description.  That will help me so much to find and update the horse on the site.  I will keep the list current each day from the previous nights email list. 

Also watch the update page.  I will list any information that comes through on the horses from the past and current lists.


Our Policy:
Because we are a small group (basically me and my husband), I am not able to visit each rescue and horse listed on the website.  It is for this reason, we have come up with a policy to insure that we are assisting only the legitimate rescues, organizations, and individuals.

It is our policy to look into any allegations made against a rescue, organization, or individual (further listed as the individual).  When an allegation is made, we start by contacting rescues in the state where individual lives.  We do this because most rescues know of illegitimate individuals.  If there is no record through the rescue, we then contact the local Humane society, ASPCA, or Animal Control officer.  We ask if there are any documented cases against the individual. 

If we find that the individual has at any time been convicted of a charge of animal cruelty, the individual will be removed immediately.  If there is an investigation under way, we will remove the individual from the site until the investigation is complete.  An investigation of this kind will lead to an automatic warning for the individual (see following paragraph for an explanation of the warning system).  

If in the course of our investigation we find the allegations are warranted and documented, we will issue a warning to the individual.  The individual has 30 days to change their policy or to fix the situation.  If the individual is unwilling to change the situation, we will immediately remove their site.  If the individual is willing to work on the situation and change, their website will be allowed to remain on the site, but the warning will be noted.  If another warning is issued, the individual is removed from the site.  They will have one year to improve the situation.  At the end of one year an evaluation will be made.  If the individual has indeed changed, they will be allowed to re-list their site on the condition that the next warning will bar them from ever re-listing.

Any individual convicted of animal cruelty or banned from our list will be listed on our rescue warnings page.

If you are concerned about an organization and feel that an investigation should be started, please email me with the information that you have (i.e. individual name, organization, city and state, and any documented details or suspicions that you may have).  Please be patient.  I will begin the investigation and will keep you updated throughout its course. 

Thank you.


Rescues may request to be added to the site, but application may be turned down if an abeyance of favorable references persists.


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