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The Chey/Annie Project Fundraisers

To learn more about The Chey/Annie Project and where the funds from these fundraisers will go, please visit the Chey/Annie Project Page.

Now Open:

Missy's Hope Equine Rescue Resource's Cafepress Store!

 I am in the process of setting up the store now (as well as working to create a logo for The Chey/Annie Project!).  All proceeds from the store will go directly into the general fund of The Chey/Annie Project.  If possible, I will set it up so that people can choose which state their funds go to if they would rather support a specific state.  Please bear with us as the store is still a work in progress!





Adoptable Knit Horse Ebay Fundraiser: 

The Chey/Annie Project Knit Horse Fundraiser

Now on Ebay:

Grace and Annie






Fleet I



Sarah Beth



Shy Girl











Each of these little knit horses will come with a name and numbered and signed adoption papers!




Missy, Ty, and Cheyenne.

Missy sold on Ebay for $32.01 and then was donated back to The Chey/Annie Project to raise additional funds!  She sold a second time for $31.01!  Ty sold on Ebay for $53.01!  Cheyenne sold for $51.00!


The Horse Angel Fundraiser is almost ready to begin!


I am working on the pricing for these plaques (will be based on cost of materials and shipping costs).  There will be three sizes available:  large (9.5" wide x 6.5" tall x .75" deep), Medium (I need to buys some more of this size plaque to know the exact measurements, but they are about 7" wide x 5" tall x .75" deep), and Small (I need to buys some more of this size plaque to know the exact measurements, but they are about 4" wide x 3" tall x .75" deep).  There will be options on background colors, ribbon (size and style), expression (you can use this one or suggest one of your own), and the Angel charm.



Photo of the Month Fundraiser:

Here is a new fundraiser for The Chey/Annie Project!   Thanks Kari!

So I had a new idea...how about if I list a "photo of the month" on the website available for purchase wherein half the profits go to your rescue? I am doing this for three other rescues and I'd love to add yours. http://www.elusiveacres.com Photos would be about $15.00 for an 8 x 10, and you would get about $5 after fees (paypal, ebay) and materials (cost of photo).

Your images can be found at http://www.elusiveacres.com under "proofs" then "Equine Charities." January's theme is "Winter" and each rescue gets 1 "Nature" image and one "Equine" image.
The rescue that "owns" the photos will get half of the profits from the sale of each of that photo. The photos will be made and shipped immediately after each order, so the clients are happy, however, instaproofs will only release money to me when I reach $50 (for all orders), so I will split up the money and contact you requesting a paypal address when I have received money from Instaproofs. Depending on how many orders are placed, this could be as often as twice a month or as infrequent as twice a year. If you have suggestions, let me know. Thanks for everything you do!




Knit Flower Fundraiser:

We are doing a knit flower fundraiser for the Chey/Annie Project.  Each flower is approximately 2 inches x 2 inches in size.  Each flower also has a lock of Cheyenne's hair in the center with a small heart bead at it's center.  Right now the flowers come in white, yellow, light blue, light pink, and light purple.  They will be sent in a clear gift box with a silver ribbon gracing it.  It will also have a tag attached so a person could give it as a gift.

Here is what the gift box looks like.

packaging from top.JPG (21554 bytes)     packaging from side 2.JPG (19281 bytes)

Here are a few pictures of the flowers:

     yellow flower 2 new.JPG (15515 bytes)    



This is what the flower looks like worn.

We can also custom make flowers for you out of locks of your horse's hair.  (For lighter colored horse hair we can make black flowers.)  If you are interested in choosing a color of yarn for your horse's flower, please let me know what color and I can see what I can do to get that color for you.

The flowers will cost $5 plus shipping (I will figure out what the shipping is soon...I need to run to the post office.)


Special Knit Flowers:

We now have knit flowers for those women who might not want horsehair on their flower (do those women exist? lol).  They will have a different heart charm in the middle and beads instead of horsehair.  Perfect for moms, sisters, and friends who aren't as crazy about horses as we are!  (these will cost slightly more:  $7 with shipping, due to the change in the beads.  $5 will still go to the Chey/Annie Project.  The rest will cover the charms and beads.)

These are the charms that are on the flowers.


Believe charm 1 new.JPG (29741 bytes)     Dream charm 2 new.JPG (28511 bytes)     Word Charm (believe and dream are the ones I currently have extra.  The others are hope, peace, and faith.)

flower over heart charm 1 new.JPG (18789 bytes)     Flower Over Heart Charm

Heart charm 2 new.JPG (38032 bytes)     Frilled Heart Charm

open heart charm new.JPG (34999 bytes)     Open Heart Charm

fowers in heart charm 2 new.JPG (39576 bytes)     Three Flower Heart Charm


Please specify which flower that you are interested in.  Each flower is made by hand, so each one is unique.      

black flower 4 new.JPG (16783 bytes)  Black Flower 1: two blue beads separated by small silver beads with flower over heart charm (see photos above for better picture of charm).

black flower 1 new.JPG (17525 bytes)     Black Flower 2:  White pearl beads surrounding a green heart (heart is silver) bead with open heart charm.

blue flower 2 new.JPG (21498 bytes)     Blue Flower 1:  Round green bead surrounded by silver beads with flower over heart charm (see photos above for better picture of charm

blue flower 4 new.JPG (62893 bytes)    Blue Flower 2:  Silver bead with frilled heart charm (see photos above for better picture of charm).

  White Flower 1: Round green beads surrounding blue heart (heart is silver) bead with frilled heart charm.

pink flower 1 new.JPG (21022 bytes)  Pink Flower 1: Pearl beads surrounding darker pink heart (heart is silver) bead with Flower Over Heart Charm (see photos above for better picture of charm).

pink flower 3 new.JPG (18241 bytes)  Pink Flower 2:  Green round bead surrounded by silver beads with frilled heart charm (see photos above for better picture of charm).

purple flower 1 new.JPG (19836 bytes)  Purple Flower 1:  Purple bead surrounded by pearl beads with open heart charm (see photos above for better picture of charm).

purple flower 3 new.JPG (24030 bytes)  Purple Flower 2:  Round purple heart beads surrounding pearl bead with three flower heart charm .  Has additional charm attached at  bottom that says peace (see photos above for better picture of charms).


Email me if you are interested in a flower at missys.hope@gmail.com 


We also had a volunteer offer to help make the flowers (will know the exact colors when they get here!).  Thank you, Dawn!!!  You are a tremendous help!




Ebook Fundraiser:

One way you can help us raise funds for the Chey/Annie project is to check out this ebook written by Kari Newman.  Kari has graciously offered to donate all proceeds from book sales from the Missy's Hope website to go to the Chey/Annie Project.

Help us help Missy's Hope Equine Rescue Resource! All proceeds of this ebook from this website will be donated directly to Missy's Hope Equine Rescue Resource to help with The Chey/Annie Project.

Have you ever wanted to learn to tie your own rope halter, but never knew how to do it? Are you looking for a way to make extra money for your farm or as a fundraiser, without spending too much? Do you have some old rope lying around and want something to do this afternoon? Here's your chance to learn how to make a rope halter---how to make a basic training halter for horses of any size from yearlings to draft horses---with just a pair of scissors, a tape measurer, some matches and 18-28 feet of rope.   

This 35-page ebook goes step-by-step as you follow actual full-color photographs (not drawings!) to make your own rope horse training halter. Sections include:

  • Why a rope halter?
  • Anatomy of the horse's face
  • Parts of the halter
  • How to fit a rope halter
  • Training resources
  • Knot tying guide (step-by-step)
  • Making your own basic rope halter (step-by-step)
  • ----includes extra nose knots
  • Properly tying it on your horse (step-by-step)
  • Making the lead rope (step-by-step)

When you have completed all the steps, you will have your very own rope halter! This project initially may take 2 hours or more to complete, but once you become proficient, you should be able to make a rope halter in 30 minutes or less.

What is an ebook?

An ebook is a virtual book. There is nothing to mail and nothing to get lost. You do not pay shipping on an ebook. Your ebook will be e-mailed to you following your purchase. It will be stored in a pdf format. You may then download and print it. You may print it as often as you like, however, I retain the rights for selling and distribution.  It is for your personal use only. But what you do with the halters is up to you! The advantage of an ebook is that it does not take up space and it comes a lot more quickly than a normal book.  You are perfectly allowed to print and bind a copy for yourself, if you find you prefer to have a hard copy.

What does this book have to offer that makes it better than other guides?

  • Actual color photographs with non-obtrusive backgrounds rather than confusing drawings or diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions with photographs at nearly every step
  • Clear, concise pictures
  • Easy-to-follow written directions that coincide with the images
  • Large font, for easy reading off the computer or your printed pages
  • Format that flows from one subject to the next
  • E-book will be e-mailed within 24 hours of confirmation of payment, so be sure to send a valid e-mail address!

The cost of this ebook is $8, and all money that we get from the sale, after paypal fees, will go directly to Missy's Hope Equine Rescue Resource.

This e-book  file is quite large because of all the pictures. Therefore, it may take a bit of time to download, especially if you use a dial-up connection. A high-speed connection is recommended.
This is a beginner's guide to tying basic rope halters. If you have specific questions, please ask BEFORE buying, as e-books are nonrefundable. E-mail horseygirly2002@yahoo.com with questions. Thanks!


Want to know how some of our past fundraisers have turned out?  Please see our past fundraisers page:

The Chey/Annie Project Past Fundraisers



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