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Horses Wanted


This page is dedicated to those who are searching for horses to rescue and bring to a loving home.

If you would like to have your name added to the list, please email me with your name, location, email, what you are wanting, and what experience you have.


Midwest Area:
If you come across a Hackney pony in the Midwest, let me know. I would prefer papers, but negoitable. I've searched online with nothing close.  Thanks!
Jennifer rackon.geo@yahoo.com (rackon.geo @ yahoo.com)


Wanted: Arabian gelding, younger age range, sane, trail experience..

Posted by: "AnnMarie, Crosswinds Equine Rescue" lists@cwer.org   amcross

Wed May 11, 2011 7:02 pm (PDT)
FORWARD with permission.please do not reply to me, I have no additional
information to share..
o this person is located in Midwest - don't know exactly where:
I am in the market for an Arabian or half Arabian gelding with the following
5-7 years old
14.3-15+ hands
No history of injury, not on any medication
A complete history of any illness
Well under saddle
Slow trail experience
Calm & sane (not a reactive type horse)
All the gears working, walk, trot, canter.
Road safe
Easily loaded, unloaded, and transported on a trailer.
Eats and drinks out on trail.
Good with hoof trimming and handling.
Horse must be willing to go out on trail ALONE without support of other
Registration papers up to date.
Arab crosses I would consider are Standardbred, Appaloosa, Gaited breed, and
I can offer this horse a good home and good care. Talk to me if you have
what I'm looking for. Share this with a friend if you know someone else who
jackereynolds@yahoo.com (jackereynolds @ yahoo.com)


New England Area:


I seen you posted equines wanted.

Could you add us to the list? 

We are searching for a mule that needs a good home, broke to ride for the grandchildren. Gentle a must.

Age not really important.  Will be well loved and cared for with plenty of space to roam.

A donkey is also need as a replacement for an elderly man, he uses his donkeys to plow his and neighbors gardens, one passed on this winter and he is searching for one that is at least semi broke. Age unimportant. 

Both are guaranteed to find a forever home, what comes here never leaves, they find a safe haven.

We are in Northwest Alabama.  Franklin county. 

Thanks in advance.


carrolls@sonet.net (carrolls @ sonet.net)


Re: Horses in need/equine events 14-15 Sep

Posted by: "Heartland Treasures" heartlandtreasures@yahoo.com   heartlandtreasures @ yahoo.com

Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:41 pm (PDT)

I am in Visalia, calif. I can foster up to 6 ponies, mini horses or donkeys? I have large piped corrals and an arena. Lots of shade and love animals. We run a rescue under for the LOA and have dogs and cats, chickens, goats! We had 9 ponies fostered here for several months and they were very happy. I have mini pools, toys, water set ups etc on 1/4 acre fenced with trees on a creek just for the ponies and donkeys. I don't think I can afford to feed more tha 6 minis or ponies or 3 full size horses.
I would need someone to provide transport but we can do the rest as far as feed water love and care!
Penni and Steve Phillips



(Note from Brandi:  This is from a forward, so I don’t know anything more than you see here or if they have enough horses now.)

Athens YWCO camp is looking for 10 or 12 fully trained horses for a Summer camp program from Memorial Day weekend to July 14th.  All horses must be current with immunizations and Coggins.
If you are interested and have an appropriate horse, please contact Nannette at
Camp is located in Turnerville, GA
Please also forward to anyone who may be interested in their girl attending this camp.
www.athensywcocamp.com Feel free to print and post the attached flyer.


Good morning.  I would like very much for you to post a want ad for me.  We are in Monroe Center IL and are looking for a large draft size horse for my husband.  We have a 12 yr old mare who has already grieved the loss of a pasture mate.  Because of this we are looking for someone between 12-17 years old.  Gelding or Mare, it doesn't matter.  However, we would need someone who is calm.  My husband is not an experienced rider and would need a patient mount.  We would provide a loving home, with lots of hay, grain & attention.  We have an excellent vet and ferrier.  We are hoping to find someone to come to their forever home before winter sets in. 
If you know of anyone who must rehome this type of horse.  Please have them give me a call or shoot me an email.  I cannot afford to buy or pay a rehome fee, but I can feed, vet, ferrier and love them.  We offer a stable loving forever home with visitation if they so choose.

Thanks for your help,

Suzi Maxwell


shortsalemaxwell@aol.com (shortsalemaxwell @ aol.com)


I am looking for two horses. One for me and one for my daughters. We are looking for calm gentle loving horses to ride. Possibly a smaller one for my girls. No certain breed or color. We live in mt. Vernon, illinois. I had horses growing up and my kids have been showing alot of my same interest in horses so this would be a great thing for them. If you have anything for us that would be great! Please let us know message or call me 618 231 6287. Thank you,  Amanda Sager  amandasager7@gmail.com (amandasager7 @ gmail.com)


Lesson type horses wanted

Posted by: "Marcy Lynn Heepke" equineobgyn@yahoo.com   equineobgyn @ yahoo.com

Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:07 pm (PST)
I am looking for some lesson horses that would be well trained for the job. We trail ride and team penning as well as fun shows, etc with our lessons so an all around horse would be great. Geldings preferred, bit will look at good solid mares as well. Colored horses would be nice for teaching purposes. I'm needing 3-4 so under $1000 each if possible.
We provide excellent homes for horses and offer references if needed.
Thanks, Marcy in Edwardsville, IL


I'm currently taking in horses that people no longer want I have plenty of pasture for them and I have four kids who are very involved in horses if you know of any you can contact me at 319-239-6828.  I'm located outside of readlyn Iowa. thanks Ashley Redig


hi.  my name is jim.  i live between logan and persia, iowa, on 4 m/l acres.  i have room to pasture a horse or two??  i'm a transplanted city boy.  i don't ride horses, but i enjoy them.  there is no fence around the place, but several of the farmers have told me an electric fence will keep horses in.  there is out of the weather facilities for a horse or 2.  i don't know if it would be worth someones while to chat with me about putting a horse up here.  i wouldn't want money for the horse to be here.  i have hydrants available for water and would be willing to keep the "stall" cleaned out.   feed hay and grain as needed,  (provided  by the owner) ?  i'm retired so money is not abundant, but time is.  i have seen some small pastures in the area with electric fences.  watched them for a while and there seems to be no troubles.  

so i guess what i'm looking for is a "partner" in providing a safe harbor for a horse or pony.  

More info:

thank you so much.  i don't have much land, but the grass is prime for grazing so i'm told.  i have taken care of horses for people when they went on vacation.  get along with them well.  i'm not afraid of horses, i respect them.  i think they can tell.  i worked for a lambing facility for a time, so i learned a bit there about animal care.  i've been floating trial balloons here and there.  i think the thing i would enjoy the most is finding some one that wants a horse but doesn't have the land to keep one.  i think some kind of limited partnership between someone and myself would allow better care for the horse or horses and there are places for someone to ride a horse off road right next to my land.  everyone gets along well in this area.  as i think i said, i don't so much like to ride horses, but i love to work with them.  my back round is construction, so i am handy around various materials and i would probably lean toward  the "ribbon" type fencing.  i live 45ish miles from omaha.  it might not be the fanciest place here, but all my friends say if there is life after death, they want to come back as one of my animals.  i have quite a few of wooden posts and am in the process of clearing and putting them in.  i'm approx. 2 weeks from being ready for an animal.  thank you again for your response and any help in finding a match.  sincerely.  Jim

If anyone is interested in partnering with Jim, please contact me at (missys.hope@gmail.com (missys.hope @ gmail.com)) and I will send your information to him. 



Looking for weanling/yearling

Good Morning,

We live in Northern Maine and currently are looking for a weanling/yearling.  We have 2 older horses now and last spring (purchased, probably should have just adopted) an 8 month old spotted draft colt.  He came to us skin and bones, full of lice with chunks of hair out of him and in need of umbilical hernia repair (surgery done in September).  Now he is doing great.  My husband and I have found we absolutely love teaching the young ones, ground manners, etc.  We are both a little older and have done some riding but things don’t heal as fast as they use to!  Our little guy makes us smile everyday and we thoroughly enjoy him.  We have a 4 stall barn and currently have an open stall.  Unfortunately we do live a little way up north in Maine and have looked around here but unsuccessful.  I guess what I am saying is that we can provide a loving sound home for someone but the purchase price would have to be low and hopefully transportation would be reasonable as well.  If you have any ideas or information, please let us know.  I am willing to send pictures of our farm, references, etc.  My cell phone is 207-999-1197 (no service during the day at work, only at night at home).  Thanks, Sharon and Mike

spottedranch117@gmail.com (spottedranch117 @ gmail.com)



Hey its jami, I have a guy who lives close to us, he is looking to adopt an older horse (10 to 20yrs) that is broke so his grandkids and wife can learn to ride. At the time I do not have anything that would be a good fit, but would be more then happy to help place another rescue horse! I could do some of the leg work here if needed. Just trying to help a horse find s loving home

Jami Salter

Double R Horse Rescue

Riverdale, NE

DoubleRhorse@yahoo.com (DoubleRhorse @ yahoo.com)




New Hampshire:
New Jersey:
New Mexico:
New York:

ISO trail horse

Posted by: "mounttopchicks" mounttopchicks@yahoo.com   mounttopchicks

Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:20 am (PDT)

Searching for a mare or gelding 15 hands and up that is fit enough for regular trail rides and can tolerate a larger rider to join our family of casual trail riders. Can provide a loving home, references, vetting and farrier care.
We currently own 5 horses. Most of them came from rescue situations. Our 2 appy mares were given to us after the owners decided to move to Montana. They were in a field for 5 years with little human contact. Our QHx gelding came to us from a family that couldnt use him as much or as hard as they liked as he is arthritic in his shoulder. And our two TB gelding came from a girl that was moving to Florida and couldnt take her NY horses with her due to the extream climate difference.
Although we have quite a few horses I am looking for one that can be my personal horse.
Horse also must be able to tolerate a run in situation as we have no stalls and get along with other horses.
Age, color ect. are not important as long as the horse is healthy and active.
If you have a horse or know of a horse that would be a good fit for our family please email me directly at mounttopchicks@yahoo.com (mounttopchicks @ yahoo.com)
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Located near Binghamton NY


North Carolina:
North Dakota:

Fw: 2 geldings wanted

Posted by: "Alli" horsehelping@gmail.com   eaglewhowatches

Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:43 am (PST)
I know nothing more then what's been posted below. Contact info. is included, i'm going to guess that they (the ones looking for geldings) are on the West Coast.
----- Original Message -----
From: WWAR
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 11:07 AM
Subject: 2 geldings wanted
Received an email from a Therapy Program looking for 2 geldings for their facility. Need to be gentle, sound, and rideable.
If you have, or know anyone who has horses that would fit, please contact April direct thehorseylady@gmail.com (thehorseylady @ gmail.com)
Susan Pohlman, Director
Whispering Winds Ranch
Living Legends Wild Horse Sanctuary
Roseburg, Oregon
(541) 679-9022


Rhode Island:
South Carolina:
South Dakota:

looking for a draft horse.  Safe and sweet.  We plan to ride, pull some trees out of our woods and totally love.  Will consider trade since I have a fast 1/4 horse, great trail horse and easy with everything but he's always looking to go; he's 12 - 14 years old.  Family is slowing down and looking for a very mellow draft.  Vermont  waterdanceacres@yahoo.com (waterdanceacres @ yahoo.com)


Ok, I'm trying to be brave about this, but I know I'm going to be swamped with emails.  Please, if you think you have a horse that fits what I am looking for, then please send me an email.  If you don't think it's a perfect match, please don't send me an email.  If they are under $800, send them to Brandi missys.hope@gmail.com to list at http://missyshopeerr.freehostia.com/ ...  or, if you still send them to me, I am going to forward them on to her... sorry, Brandi...

I only have room for one gelding.  I'm going to be very, very picky to get the perfect match, so I'm not in a hurry to fill the spot.  Ok, I lied.  I kinda am, but want to be sure I get something that is going to fit the bill to a T... and I have to start somewhere.

I want a gelding.  Color doesn't matter. 

Sound for trail riding.  Must go out alone.  Able to carry a 200 pound rider.  I am almost 44 with health issues so I don't bounce well and don't heal well.  Must be able to sit in the pasture for a month and then tack up and take a nice, quiet WALK. 

That is all I do.  (I am a very experienced rider and ride very well... an occasional spook or something is fine, but I want to relax and enjoy the ride, not having to be on point every minute. An occasional trot or canter is nice, but not a necessity.)  Once or twice a week or month.  Sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes for an hour or so. 

I don't do shows, I prefer not to jump (the more feet on the ground at one time, the better) and I usually ride by myself most days.

Not too tall - around 15 hands- it's something I want to use for the grandkids, nieces, nephews to be able to get pony rides on, always with supervision.  Looking for a late teens, early twenties gelding.  (Please, no hate mail.  I have a pony (gelding) who LOVES the girls way too much and breaks down all my fences... and I have nothing against girls - I have three... just NO mares in the barn.) 

Would prefer a been there, done that kinda guy who is looking for semi-retirement at a leisurely pace....  preferrably near me in Perkinsville, near Vermont... do have a trailer that I can use.  Just down the road I have access to the Springfield Dam area and the surrounding hills and trails, and lots of dirt roads

Would be nice if there was no cost, but do have a little socked away.  Don't have great pasture, I hay all year round, can and do separate the beings so everyone gets their fair share and doesn't have to fight the others for it... their own stall, blanket, run in shed for the days, tlc and lots of love.  Could ride english or western, have shoes or not, some supplements.... 

I can guarantee great care, a forever home and will be more than glad to let you come visit, have first, second and third right of refusal if I can no longer keep him.

Please feel free to email me with any further questions.  I have excellent vet/farrier/references.  I also house/animal/horse sit for people in the area, so am not only experienced with my horses, but other peoples horses as well.  I have owned (been owned by) horses for the last 11 years.

Email is the best way to reach me if you think you have my next riding buddy....  and pictures would be nice, too..  If you would like to forward this to someone you know who might have a horse to fit the bill, that's great, but please keep it in or very near Vermont, if you can....

Thanks so much!
Lynn :)
Lynn Esty
RescueAHorse@comcast.net (RescueAHorse @ comcast.net)

The information contained in this email DOES reflect my personal opinion.  
“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him that it is right.” ~ Martin Luther King


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