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Horses Looking for Homes

Blind/Partially Blind Horses

This page is dedicated to horses that are blind or partially blind horses.  This can include completely blind horses, horses that are blind in one eye, horses that have vision issues (uveitis, other medical issues, etc) 

If you have a horse that is blind that you would like to keep and you need assistance in figuring out how to care for your horse, please contact me through the email at the bottom of the page.  I can give some suggestions to help (see my page at helping your horse prepare to be blind) or I can help connect you with places that specialize in blind horses for more assistance.

The list is color coded to try to help you figure out where the horses are located and contact information.

A pink highlight indicates the number of the horse on the list.

A green highlight indicates the location (usually city and state).

A blue highlight indicates the contact information.

A purple highlight indicates special circumstances.


27 Nov:


1.    Original posting date:  11/9/2012

I have a wonderful gelding that is going blind (may be in one eye now)  I rescued him two years ago.  My circumstances have changed and I am looking for a forever home for him.  He is the most wonderful animal in this world and if I did not need to he would be going no where without me. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

More info:

Hi Brandi I sure hope you have your health issues are resolved soon! 

I am in Waco Texas.  Mr. G had an eye injury, but when I rescued him 2 years ago he was in horrible condition and close to death and he is 19 - 23 years old.  Truthfully the answer to the question of the cause of his blindness is I really don't know! He is a white Arabian gelding about 15 hands tall and close to 1000 lbs.  I keep him in a pasture with a five year old gelding.  When I first brought Mr. G home he acted very studdy around my mare so I just have never pushed the issue and have him in a different pasture away from my mare.   

 Truthfully, I would love to send pics, but, my husband is in the hospital and not doing good at all.  I have no close family they all died this year within a month and a half of another (2 brothers and 1 sister) my time is at a premium.  But, if it makes the difference between finding him a forever home and not please let me know and I will figure something out! 

 I have a friend that comes over and puts Mr. G in a round pen and climbs on without saddle,bridle nor halter.  He has NO ISSUES except for the low vision, he really is wonderful.  He will do anything, easy caught, ties, loads, stands without being held for feet trimming.  After eye injury I doctored his eye with no problems.  Basically, this is the most wonderful horse in the whole world.  I had ten kids out and taking turns riding Mr. G and he is wonderful.  Some kids we lead while on Mr. G and some kids we just turn them loose in the round pen.  

Thank you so much, Reba Walts

equiner20@att.net (equiner20 @ att.net)

Update (11/27/12):

So much going on with my husband, that I just haven't had time to try and place Mr. G.  The gelding I am in the process of selling (Mr.G's pasture buddy) is still here for the moment.  Therefore, I don't have to  worry about Mr. G being by himself at this point in time. 

Thank you and I hope your health is on the mend.  I'm so sorry you are having these issues and pray they will be better soon.



9 Oct:


1.    Original posting date: August 29, 2012.

Hi I am trying to find a quality home for a 3yo POA type (Just over 14.2h by a centimeter or two) that has successfully completed ground training but only has one good eye.. He is free to a good home he is now at weight and is lovable.. We have been on him a few times but not yet qualified as even green broke due to the icky heatwave summer.. We had him given to us from a family that bought him at a sale barn then found out he was thin and not trained... We are from Central Iowa (He is otherwise not advertised)

Julie Allender cntrycwgirl@yahoo.com (cntrycwgirl @ yahoo.com)

Update (9/24/2012):

Hi Brandi

Not good.. No one contacted me at all.. *sigh*  Did I send you his pics before? If not here are some of him.. Just would love to see him in a home where he will be used and loved. He is trainable.

Update (10/9/2012):

Still available




7 Oct:


1.    Gentle Paint & Quarter Horses for sale/trade/payments possible......

Posted by: "Ropergal22" alcolor@yahoo.com   alcolor @ yahoo.com

Original posting date:  Thu Jul 7, 2011 5:11 pm (PDT)

Lena – 19 yo -Registered AQHA mare-sorrel with white back stockings & blaze face. 15.1 hands tall. Used for kids riding lessons in the arena—spook proof trail horse, loads like a charm, been camped with, and trail ridden all over—real "been there/done that" type mare. Intermediate rider needed for trails, as she gets "antsy" after she's been cantered on the trails & wants to be first in line. $850
Bailey – Sold
Roxy - 16 yo Registered AQHA Bay mare – Western pleasure mare—nice little Western Pleasure trot although has been ridden on the trails a lot/camped with, loads and rides well. Loves the kids, and will tolerate the older ones 12 or so just fine. Has cloudy (possible caterac) in Left eye, just need an owner with patience to let her see the blanket/saddle at the end of her nose before she's saddled. $650
Okie – 20 yr old Registered Paint mare- Bay Tobiano-15.3 hands & a Gentle Giant, she only rides on lead line. Former rodeo bronk horse, 1/2 ear on the Left, and scoop from neck, from accident during rodeo years. She's had 5 beautiful foals in her lifetime—all but 1 homozygous. She is totally sound, the scares are just blemishes. Looking for good home for this one. Price is private treaty.
Dixie – Sold
Steve - Sold
I will take payments, with all horses on payments staying at my farm, with Free Board until Nov.1, or until paid for in full—whichever comes first. I may also trade for non-eating items—just ask.
All Horses (except Bailey) are pictured on my web page under "Sale Barn" at : www.SunnywoodAcres.com 
Call or Txt me @ : 269-355-3012

Update (3/16/2012):

Hi Brandi--I still have them advertised on e-bay classifieds. I have had alot of ppl calling me for lessons (good sign that the economy is comming back)--and with more activity in the barn, I may be able to sell them---we'll just have to see. Thanks for your help--it's always appreciated. Mary

Our Web Page - http://SunnywoodAcres.com  - Riding Lessons/Boarding, Horse Leasing, & Fall Hay Rides. Paints/Quarter Horses always for Sale/trade/payments.  

Making the world a better place for Horses & thier Human partners through Parelli Natural Horsemanship!!! 

I am careful not to confuse

Excellence with Perfection

Excellence I can reach,

Perfection is God's business.  Michael J. Fox

Update (7/21/2012):

Hi Brandi - We are in sever drought conditions now. I have about 900 bales of hay my son brought me from his first cutting---but there will be no second cutting--the hay fields are dead,--- so need to sell some b/4 winter. I believe I have Roxy sold--and she'll stay here as a boarder. Lena isn't sold yet. Okie was more or less abandon by the gal I gave her to last year she's still here--but when I ask her to pay up her board --of $85 a month---she wouldn't write me back--so she's a "give to good home" again. I also have a pony baby that folks are comming to look at tomorrow, and a NICE -double bred Leo San Man broodmare to sell. I have to sell them as I only have enough hay for about 12 to 15---and I have 20 head of horses right now. Some have to go. Thanks for your help. Mary henry

Our Web Page - http://SunnywoodAcres.com  - Riding Lessons/Boarding, Horse Leasing, & Fall Hay Rides. Paints/Quarter Horses always for Sale/trade/payments.  

Making the world a better place for Horses & thier Human partners through Parelli Natural Horsemanship!!! 

I am careful not to confuse

Excellence with Perfection

Excellence I can reach,

Perfection is God's business.  Michael J. Fox

Hi Brady-Thanks for checking in. I have sold one and delivered her, sold a filly & deliver her this Friday. I also sold another QH mare to a gal who's been "hanging out" at my barn for years now---she'll be providing her own hay while boarding.

Update (9/24/2012):

I have 3 more to sell, to reduce to the size of my hay pile (I have 1000 small bales and about 15 rounds for the winter-so doing OK there). I've decided to keep only the one's who ride, or I use for lessons, or that can be long term leased out (as riding horses). This has been tough---and it looks like I'll have to take a couple to the auction sale. I also had the mis-fortune of my Paint stallion, who's 19 this year, getting hurt while breeding a mare. We have been nursing him all summer however now it's been determined that his shoulder will never be right again--I'll be putting him down. So we have a few more to go---but pastures are looking more empty these days, with what I have reduced to this year.

Thanks again for checking in, Mary Henry 

Our Web Page - http://SunnywoodAcres.com  - Riding Lessons/Boarding, Horse Leasing, & Fall Hay Rides. Paints/Quarter Horses always for Sale/trade/payments. 

Making the world a better place for Horses & thier Human partners through Parelli Natural Horsemanship!!! 

I am careful not to confuse

Excellence with Perfection

Excellence I can reach,

Perfection is God's business.  Michael J. Fox


23 Sep:


1.    Original posting date: 28 Aug 2012

Dear Missy,
I am the owner of a 19 year old blind Appaloosa gelding named Bo. I have had Bo for almost 12 years, and he has been a loving and wonderful horse. He got uveitis in his left eye about 6 years ago, and we had his left eye removed and an implant inserted in his right eye to attempt to prevent the uveitis there. Unfortunately over the years his right eye has also deteriorated and he has gone mostly blind. He still gets medicine in that eye daily to help keep him comfortable. I am from Annapolis, MD and Bo lives here on a farm with two other horses and is very happy. I have been lucky to have leased Bo while I was away at school, but now I am a recent college graduate and am not able to afford to pay for Bo long term. I would love for him to be able to stay at this farm where he knows the layout of the land and trusts the other two horses to help watch out for him. But I am looking for a place for Bo where he can live happily for the rest of his life. He is still happy and able to be ridden, and can be more than just a pasture buddy. I thought I would reach out to you and see if you have any suggestions for me, or know of anyone in my area who has the time and love to care for a very trusting blind horse!
Thank you,
Jessica White

Jessica.White@coloradocollege.edu (Jessica.White @ coloradocollege.edu)

Update (9/15/2012):

Hi Brandi- 

Thanks so much for reaching out, unfortunately I haven't found a permanent home yet for Bo. Luckily I am not in a time crunch, since he is very happy where he is but I can't afford to pay for him long term. The horse rescue places you emailed me were very helpful, and I emailed a few of them its just hard since most places are only taking in horses in dire need or if there is an emergency. If you don't mind sending his information around again I would appreciate it, and I will let you know if anything changes!

Thanks for all your help!



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