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Current Sling Locations

These are locations where slings are currently housed on behalf of The Chey/Annie Project.  We thank these wonderful rescues and their supporters for allowing us the honor of working with them on The Chey/Annie Project!


Rescue:  Dusty Trails Horse Rescue

Website:  www.dthr.org 

Email:  monika@dthr.org 

Phone:  334-284-2122


PO Box 250191

Montgomery, AL 36125-0191


Rescue:  Central New England Equine Rescue

Website:  www.centralnewenglandequinerescue.com 

Email:  windybleu@verizon.net 

Phone:  978-621-6717



PO Box 262

West Warren, MA 01092-0262




Rescue:  Horse Harbor Foundation at Harmony Farms

Contact Name:  Allen Warren

Website:  http://www.horseharbor.org/

Email: harmonyhorses@yahoo.com

Phone:  360-692-2851 (foundation), 360-509-7879 (cell:  easiest way to phone Mr. Warren)


1606 Midgard Way
Poulsbo, WA 98370



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