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Nurse Mare Foals

What is a nurse mare foal?  A nurse mare foal is a foal who is pulled from it's mother so that she can nurse a foal of a "better' mare.  (The "better" mare is often a show or race horse that the owner wants to get back to showing as soon after delivery as possible.)  These foals sometimes only get 24 hours with their mothers before being pulled away and cast aside.  Sometimes these foals will get up to a week with their mother before being pulled.  There are groups throughout the country who take in these poor unfortunately man orphaned foals and give them a chance at life.    

Rescues That Assist Nursemare Foals:


ok. it's starting and they need support! they have 6 in now, more on the way. super cute babies. please help support these victims of the race industry.



Nursemare Foal Articles:

Milk of Death: The dark side of the nurse mare industry

 Written by JANE ALLIN
Chief Research Analyst, Int’l Fund for Horses

They call them “Junk Mares”. Yes “junk” as in debris, trash, worthless and possessing utility but lacking in substance. These are the horses of the nurse mare industry.

The tradition of breeding mares to ordinary studs lacking any significant commercial value to induce lactation has been practiced for many years primarily by, but not limited to, the horse breeding/thoroughbred racing industry. Originally, these mares served to nurture rejected foals or those whose mothers died in childbirth; basically a benevolent thing which over the years has progressively deteriorated into a reprehensible industry as a result of the lucrative quest to breed the ultimate horse with rejection of the masses. Over breeding is now pandemic and has created an exponential rise in a most insidious disease called “horse slaughter”.

Once the mares have foaled, they are leased out to highly profitable breeding farms to act as surrogate mothers to “expensive and promising” foals. You may ask why this is necessary and who is responsible?

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Nursemare Foal Poetry:
The Nursemare
The Nursemare Foal

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