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Bo (Crystal Eyed Bo) was the first dog that I can remember.  He was my faithful companion who went everywhere with me.  I can't remember a moment that he wasn't by my side growing up.

One of my fondest memories is of a beautiful summer day on the farm.  We were in the trees that surrounded our property and I had been building a lean to out of fallen tree branches and cane poles that grew along the creek near our house.  I had finished it the best I could (I was probably ten or so) and Bo was laying inside watching me work.  I laid down on the ground with my head on him as if he were a pillow.  We stayed that way for the longest time just watching the world go by, napping a little, and just enjoying the day.  

Bo was not just a friend, but also a savior many times over.  When he was just a pup (about a year old) he saved me from being bitten by a copperhead snake.  He put his nose between the snake and me (I had no idea it was there) and ended up taking the bite that should have hit me.  He went on to kill the snake and be treated as a hero.  

Bo lived to be 15 years old.


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