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28 May 1990 - 23 May 2009


We are Mourning the loss of my beloved mare, Miss Top Sail Pacody aka CC.  She was helped across the Rainbow Bridge at 10:30 am 23 May 2009.  Almost 4 years ago (boy how time flies), CC was kicked in the knee by another mare while protecting her foal, Missy (the inspiration for Missy's Hope).  Although vet care was immediately sought, the kick made her unrideable, but pasture sound.  She lived with a slight limp, but no pain until the last ice storm of the year here.  During this ice storm, we suspect that she slipped and reinjured her knee.  The vet was brought out and he advised keeping her comfortable and seeing how the knee reacted once healed.  We knew that if she was still in pain that we would make the tough decision to help her cross, but at the same time we were hopeful that she would overcome this slip as she did the old injury.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Her pain level was increasing and her leg was starting to turn in slightly as she walked on the edge of her foot.  Our farrier tried some creative trimming to make her pasture sound to no avail.  The way she walked was causing her pain in her shoulder as well.  As I looked into her eyes, I knew that it was time to say goodbye.  It didn't make it any easier. 

CC and I have been together through so many rough times.  She saved my life when we lived in Arizona.  Stupid women from Arkansas should never go riding alone in the desert!  I didn't think to take water and the cool of the morning quickly turned to overwhelming heat.  I suffered heat stroke and lost all sense of direction.  I was turning us around in circles unknowingly.  Finally I gave up and leaned forward on her, which released the pressure of the reins.  CC (with me almost completely unaware) found her way back to the main highway, where the search party was started.  They had already called in the helicopters and after 4 hours out there, no one expected me to live, much less her.  I will never forget the officer asking me what in the world I was doing when he caught me sharing electrolyte water from the jug with her.  He was also furious that I refused to go to the hospital because I was determined to see her home and cared for.

CC was the first horse that all of my children rode, although I unfortunately didn't get pictures of Delilah's first ride on her because we were home alone.

CC is the last surviving foal of my first horse and her grandmother was my great grandpa's prized mare.  For the first time in four generations there will not be a horse from his prized mare in the family. 

I have written a poem for CC.


A tribute to CC


You were born when I was ten,

 Iíll never forget the way,

Loveís strong bond began,

At the very break of day.

Watching you on wobbly legs,

You coat not even dry,

When the sunís first shining rays,

Began to cross the sky.


For nineteen years youíve been my rock,

Your shoulder my place to cry.

Loved ones gained and loved ones lost,

As life slipped quickly by.

Our sorrow and joy intertwined,

As you taught me that even horses cry.


Lost in Arizonaís desert,

So hot and dangerously dry,

You brought me safely home again,

Beneath that bright blue sky.

Your strength and courage lifting me,

When all thought I would die.


My heart sinks deep within my chest,

Facing our goodbye.

My tears upon your shoulder,

One last time as I cry.

Knowing my heart will be empty,

As your spirit drifts slowly by.


I will think of you often,

Staring at the sky,

Imagining your reunion,

With those to whom weíve said goodbye,

Knowing you are running free,

Your wind brushing me by.

Until we meet again sweet C,

For our love will never die.



CC grazing on our lawn.                                                  CC's bad knee.



CC with her momma (Pat).                                                                                                  Angel's First Ride.                                                 


CC checking out baby Angel.                                    Angel wanting to ride CC all by herself.                        Kody's first ride.                 


Pat and CC the first days.                                       Pat, Patty, and CC taken the year Patty and Pat died.

Dedicated to the equine rescues who save horses every day.
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