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Central City, Nebraska Auction Report (13 July 2008)

I did manage to make it to the sale today and I wrote down info on all the horses that went through the ring. I did not think of writing down their #'s so I just numbered them starting with 1...


1) Sorrel yearling grade QH type colt, people didnt know if he was gelded or if they just hadn't dropped, blaze & 2 hind socks, decent conformation, level attitude, good height for a yearling but a bit thin $--


2) Sorrel yearling grade QH type colt, tall but ribby, odd conformation through his topline $60


3) 8 yr old Sorrel grade QH type gelding, good broke, good weight/healthy $310


4) Yearling red dun AQHA filly, Blackburn and Two Eyed Jack bred, decent conformation, slighty thin, $105 No Saled, Wanted $200


5) DEAL OF THE SALE - Stormy Gem (spelling??) AQHA 2 yr old sorrel mare, started under saddle, very nice conformation, fit and ready to go, brought in by the breeder I think about 14.1 hands, Sired by Barcee Olena (son of Si Olena, world champion cutting horse), sorry didn't catch the mare's bloodlines.  This is a high dollar type of horse, any other day or any other sale she would have brought A LOT of money... SOLD for $280.


6) 7 yr old Dark Buckskin QH/TB type gelding, nice trail horse, around 15.3 hands, nice conformation, worked good under saddle in the sale ring $640


7) 12 yr old Shetland mare, palomino, long back, looked older than 12 yrs, bred for 2008 but didn't show it, ribby, broke to ride & drive, kid rode her in the ring $200


8) 2 yr old Bay QH type stud colt, no papers but sired by Barcee Olena, thin but cute with a lot of chrome $--


9) 5 yr old Buckskin/Dun grade QH type mare, about 14.3 hands, worked nicely in the ring, rode with a rein around the neck/nothing on the head, ok conformation $425 No Saled, Wanted $600


10) 2 yr old Bay Roan grade QH type colt, people didnt know if he was gelded or if they hadnt dropped yet, only halter broke but they said they have saddled him just lately $70 No Saled, Wanted $100  Lady didnt take him because she only wanted him if he was a gelding


11) 6 yr old Sorrel grade QH type mare, UTD vacs, hasnt been ridden for 4 yrs, fat & stout good looking mare, about 14.3 hands, **Ideal project horse if someone was looking. $255


12) 12 yr old Gray grade QH type gelding, good weight, shorter neck but overall ok conformation, good broke, worked nicely in the ring $525


There were also a trio of llamas, 3 fullsize goats, 2 pygmy goats, 3 holstein bucket bull calves & 3 or 4 angus/beef bred bucket heifer calves.  At the start of the sale there was a lot of tack, I thought that the tack sold for a decent price at the beginning but died off by the time they got to the saddles.




 More info:

Oh it just drove me nuts about that one filly!  If payday was a week sooner she would have been in the trailer!  I really think that filly could have sold for $2500 easy online, privately.  It's like the breeder doesn't understand what he has.  Last year the guy took like 5 or 6 of his weanlings and none of them sold for over $100.  With the bay colt we got there, we got a copy of Barcee Olena's papers and a copy of his dam's papers, her sire is Winners Freckles by Colonel Freckles and her dam is by Hancock's Dude.  I'm so shocked!  I'm half tempted to call the breeder (owner of Barcee Olena) and ask him if he has anymore for sale LOL  because if he's practically giving away these foals that are bred this good, I just cant help but wonder how well bred the other horses he has.

To be honest I don't really think that any of the horses went to slaughter buyers at this sale.  I only know the one buyer and he didn't have any horses in his trailer when he left.  There was another guy that bought #11, I think he's more of a trader.  I see him with a lot of young horses that are started, etc that he brings to this sale or Loop City.  So I'm betting that he's going to get her going under saddle and just take her to Loop City.  Central City sale is more of a buyers sale, where as Loop City sale is about equal for the broke trail & ranch horses.  Those will still bring a decent amount there. 

At the Central City sale all the horses are inside in stalls if their not being ridden outside or still in the owners care (at the trailer, etc).  Obviously nothing is new there but I don't think the stalls are TOO bad.  On a scale 1-horrible to 10-great I'd put it right in the middle maybe.  The people are pretty decent to the horses and other animals I think.  Sunday I only got upset once but that was with a trio of llamas that refused to do anything and so they would just plop down on the ground so they would bump/hit them with their prodding sticks.  Otherwise the animals are pretty much only handled by the owners or a rider if the owner doesn't or cant ride or handle them in the ring.   Sunday there was a friend of the family riding some of the horses and helping them sell tack.  He is very good with horses so hopefully he'll be helping or working there for a while. As for food and water, all the horses are brought in by the owners the day of the sale so it's pretty much up to them.  On occasion there are horses brought in prior to sale day and the guy that runs the auction will feed & water them for the owners but I'm sure they have to provide the hay.  Usually there is a water tank in one of the pens in the barn.  Now I can't remember if there was or not Sunday because there wasn't any horses in that pen so I just walked by.  All in all I don't think the conditions are that bad there. However I have been going to that sale for many years with my parents so to really know how it is there, I think if another person  went there to draw their own conclusions it would be a good thing because I may be influenced too much, but who knows.





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