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Central City, Nebraska Auction Report 2  (4 August 2008)


   I made it to the Central City Sale again today just on my way from home from visiting my parents.  It was a really small sale and only lasted about 2 & 1/2 hours I think.  Not as much tack as last month and only a handful of saddles.  3 bucket calves and maybe 10 goats.  I dont *think* that any went to slaughter.  The known slaughter buyer there didnt get any.  The same trader that was there last month was there this month again.  He's usually at all the sales there and I always see him at the Loop City Sale when I have went there in the past.

1. Black pony type mule, 4 yr old, gelded, fat $55

2. 13 yr old sorrel welsh type mare, fat & good broke, rode around ring bareback w/ halter $350

3. yearling QH type bay colt, shorter but long legs and thin $20

4. 12 yr old QH type, 4H all around mare, dark chestnut, fat & really cute about 15 hands $380 NS, Wanted $500  (((I think she was well worth that)))

5. 6 yr old black shetland/welsh type mare, UTD shots, broke alright & ridden by kids $280

6. *this horse was also sold in the July sale, buyer took back to sale but not sure if he was still owned by the buyer because the seller was riding him in the ring, buyer had no issues with the horse except he was too big for the grand kids* dark buckskin 7 yr old gelding around 15.3-16 hands, QH type, decent conformation but thin, good broke $390  I have a feeling that he didnt sell as well this time because he had lost about 100 lbs I bet. (((((From last months sale report... 6) 7 yr old Dark Buckskin QH/TB type gelding, nice trail horse, around 15.3 hands, nice conformation, worked good under saddle in the sale ring $640)))))

7. 4 yr old AQHA lighter dun mare, about 14 hands, thin, broke, ok conformation $130 NS, Wanted $200  ** this mare was taken home by a friend so I think he may have bought her after the sale

8. Sorrel QH type gelding, smooth mouth (20+ yrs old), kid broke, a bit sway backed, really mellow (a nice horse for the beginner youth rider) $260

9. Sorrel 7 yr old AQHA gelding, cow horse, around 15.2-3 hands $525 NS, Wanted $650



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