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Cheyenne: A Rescuer's View


A sweet young mare,

Pulled from an auction ring.

So starved and neglected,

You ended up in a sling.

From the moment we met,

You stole my heart.

Those soft brown eyes,

Staring into mine.

When you placed your head,

Carefully against my chest,

It was a moment Iíll never forget!

You came to my home,

And lightened my heart.

Always a nicker and a friendly rub,

Your eyes are so bright,

So full of love.

No matter what happened,

You seemed to forgive!

I railed against your fate,

Never wanting to give up.

At seven you had seen so much,

You deserved to live!

Then one day the seizures began,

On and on without end.

Your look told me,

Better than words how it would be.

I sat with you that day,

Your head in my lap.

I didnít want you to go away.

As the needle went in,

You simply sighed,

Your eyes upon my face.

Then to my surprise your ears prick,

Your eyes focus on something,

Something I canít see.

There is joy in that look,

Such sweet peace.

I finally know and understand.

You see what will be.

You peacefully slip,

To that wonderful place,

Leaving me grieving,

But at peace.

I know you are home,

Happy and free,

That above all is what matters to me.


Written by:  Brandi M. Qualset

Copyright B.M. Qualset 2008

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