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Kist Livestock Auction Report Mandan, North Dakota

29 November 2008


Yesterdays Kist auction was pretty short with only about 200-250 horses. I say short because this sale often has over 1000 horses running over the scales.

Prices where up somewhat

The first horse I want to tell you about was simpley a matter of my being at the right place at the right time.

I was paying for the colts and a lady came in to log in her horse, as she handed them the paperwork she started crying and said here is her registration papers but Im sure it wont make a diffrence and the kill buyers will end up with her.

I asked her what she was bringing in and she told me it was a 2 1/2 yr old aqha filly who had injured her knee and was now bow legged.

The Vet had said it wasnt broken but it had twisted after bring injured and that there was no way to make her sound.

She added that she was VERY well bred and then she smiled and asked me if I wanted to see her and that I could have her for free if I promised she wouldnt end up at the killing pens.

Kali was breath taking!

There was no way I could let her die, what could I say except yes!!

The owner was so happy she started crying again and and hugged me like I was her long lost best friend. She explained that she just couldnt keep her anymore and it was killing her inside to have even had to bring her there.

I made a call to a friend of mine who raises Quarter Horses and has a large ranch. Kali will be going there for at least the winter, if she likes her I believe we will go in as co owners on her so I can honestly keep my promise and let the lady come and visit her when ever she wishes. 

We also saved a 18 yr old grand daughter of Vanzi Bar who is bred. Shes a nice roan. I havent had time yet to check her out very well so Ill add more about Ivory later. 

There where also 4 foals that we rescued.

One of them is a 4 month old filly by the well known barrell racing sire Dr Wookie!

Shes a lovely chestnut with a heart shaped star.

This morning I called the man who brought her in and he said it about killed him to do so but he was runnng short on hay and if he had known me yesterday he would have just brought me the filly and saved himself the anguish of not knowing if she was going to the kill pens. He said he actully called Kist to find out who had bought her so he could get her back if a buyer had her and was releaved to find out she had gone to us. 

There is also a 5 month colt by Grand Duce and 2 colts that when you look at you can tell they are very well bred but have no papers. 

Vanzis face is doing good and the swelling is going down now. Shes being so patient about letting me torture her by poking and proding her face, flusing it and then spraying wonder dust on her. 

I will try to get pictures of the new horses today and send them out. 


Here are some pictures of the horses we saved saterday. 

When I went to Kist today Mike O Connell ( a KB) was also there loading horses.

He was showing me horses that he had picked up before loading them.

It was sad to see ANY of them load up but we saved a Blue roan AQHA stallion named Snake Eyed Blue SOS who's only 6 yrs old.

Ginger will be his new mom and she paid for his get out of jail  price of $500  

Cary was with me and there was this 2-3 yr old filly that kept following him around.

Shes thin and full of worms but nothing that cant be fixed.

Mike let us have her for $75! 

The bay mare Kali was the mare who was given too me because she has a leg problem, Ive included a photo of her legs 

Enjoy the pictures 



Some pictures from the auction.


AQHA Stallion Snake Eyed Blue SOS




The next few pictures, I am not sure which one is which horse.  Sorry!



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