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Cheyenne:  Her View


This place is confusing,

Such a large crowd,

People walking by,

Looking around.

Iím in a small pen,

Eating hay I have found.

How long has it been,

Since I last ate like this?

It seems as though,

It never has been!

No one seems to care,

They pass me by as if Iím not there.

Two young girls suddenly appear,

They stop and they look,

They call to me with what seems like fear.

They leave,

Then come back with others by their side.

I hear them talking,

I donít really care.

They leave me again,

Alone with my pain.

A man comes and takes me away,

He sends me through a door,

Into a ring.

I hobble slowly to the front,

My knee is in pain.

Not a sound to be heard,

Though people are all around.

A voice I have heard,

Calls from the crowd.

I walk out quietly,

There are other horses,

But it isnít my pen!

One picks on me,

As we stand there.

Then a nice lady takes me away.

She leads me to a trailer,

And asks me to get in.

Where is it going?

Will I have hay?

I donít think Iíll go today!

I turn to leave,

But a woman gets in my way.

Iím too tired to fight,

Too sore to run,

So I simply walk to her,

I lay my head upon her chest.

She rubs my ears and talks to me,

It isnít too unpleasant for me.

She tells me of grass, hay, and love.

Promises that I will have everything I need.

I look in her eyes,

I see her tears.

We stand for what seems an eternity.

She gently guides me back to the trailer.

This time, I go in.

I feel I can trust her,

Though I wonder if I will see her again.

I get the love and the care,

Promised that night,

But for some reason,

Something is not right.

Once more I see her,

Weeks have gone by.

My spirit is strong,

My body so weak,

I barely have the strength to keep my feet.

She stands with me as I adjust to this place.

I rub my head on her arm,

Then put my head on her chest.

In remembrance of that night,

She rubs my ears.

She talks to me softly,

The others are around.

There is this thing that they put me in.

It helps me to stand when Iím ready to give in.

Each day she comes,

Adjusting my blanket,

Checking my straps,

Bringing warm food.

I want to stay,

But I know my day has come.

She sees and she knows,

She helps me lay down,

Gives me a blanket for under my head.

A sweet treat she helps me eat.

She holds my head,

As the vet slips the needle in.

Can she see?

Does she know?

I can see it!

I am going home!

I feel her tears,

Her prayer in my ears.

As I finally let go.

I look back as I cross the bridge,

And there she still sits.

Iíll see you again,

I call as I cross.

I know she hears me,

She lifts her head up.

Her tears she dries,

And says softly, goodbye.


Written by:  Brandi M. Qualset

Copyright:  B.M. Qualset 2008

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