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The Jefferson County Horses

So often alone,

So little feed,

You all but forgot us,

Although its you we need.

We needed your love,

We needed your touch,

But all too often it wasnt much.

One day there was confusion,

Men came to take us away.

Where are we going?

This is all weve known.

It isnt much,

But its our home.

Were scared as were loaded,

In the trailer together.

We travel for what seems like forever.

Often we touch,

Seeking comfort from our fear.

Its dark when we stop,

And the trailer door opens.

We are coaxed outside,

And to our surprise,

There is fresh water and food,

Already prepared.

Soft voices and hands,

Seek to reassure us.

Its then that we realize,

Other horses are here.

They nicker a greeting,

And tell us were safe.

We already feel that well love this place.


Written By:  Brandi M. Qualset

Copyright B.M. Qualset 2008

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Dedicated to the equine rescues who save horses every day.
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