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Patty (Crystal Eyed Patty) was the first foal out of my first horse, Pat.  She was my pride and joy and the first horse that I helped to train.  Because of my young age, I got to be the first one to ever ride Patty.

Patty and I had many adventures after she returned from the trainers at the age of five.  Her first week back, I was sent to catch her so my mom could ride.  Being a little lazy and not wanting to walk back across the field to the barn, I looped her lead rope around and tied it to her halter on the opposite side (making reins) and climbed the fence and onto her back.  It was the first time she was ridden bare back.  From there we became the best of friends and went every where together.  Out on trails and crossing creeks, Patty taught me how to be a good rider and how to hang on.  She loved chasing cows and swimming creeks.  Her only flaw was a very irritable nature when she was cycling.  That girl would put me through the ride of my life if I tried to ride her during that time.

Unfortunately Patty's time was short on this earth.  At the age of ten, she managed to escape from her pasture (she broke down a strand of barbed wire in the doorway of my dad's shop, ran through it, jumped a cattle guard (made to prevent horses from doing that), and went on a joy run through the neighborhood with CC (her half sister and the mare I still own today) in tow) which ultimately ended with her being hit by a car and breaking her back.  The lady that hit her was not paying attention (putting on her makeup), driving on the wrong side of the road, and speeding.  The saddest part was that someone had seen her and CC earlier that morning and chose not to call us and let us know the horses were out (the person later admitted to seeing them two hours before the accident and knowing who they belonged to).  One phone call could have saved her life!


Patty and Pat the first few days.                                           Patty at around 3 years.                                      Pat, Patty, and CC taken the year Patty and Pat died.


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