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The Racehorse

I was so young,

Not even fully grown,

Taking me from,

The life Iíd known.

You put me in training,

To learn how to race,

Each time I won,

Put a smile on your face.

Glorious races,

The crowdís loud cheer,

I never once thought,

Iíd have reason to fear.

One sunny day,

Pain hit mid race,

I barely stumbled in.

I was last place!

Everyone worried,

The vet was called,

A hurt tendon he said,

Iíd have to be stalled.

Months went by,

I slowly got better.

One day bad news,

Came in a letter.

I was sold at auction,

To very bad men.

I was put with others,

In a very large pen.

Then loaded in a trailer,

Two levels tall.

It was crowded and tight,

I struggled not to fall.

We traveled for days,

With little rest.

Each of us scared,

But hoping for the best.

We arrived at a terrible place,

We all smelled death and fear,

What did I do,

For you to send me here?

I tremble and shake,

As Iím forced down the line,

Hoping that somehow,

Youíll change your mind.

The last thing I think,

As Iím hung by a leg,

Please donít do this,

Canít you hear me beg?

Then my life rushes out,

And a bridge in sight,

Iíll wait for you,

I call with all my might.

Why do I wait?

After all YOU sent me,

To my fate.

Iíll give you one reason,

Iíll say with a sigh,

More than anything,

I want to know why!


Written By:  Brandi M. Qualset

Copyright:  B.M. Qualset 2008

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Dedicated to the equine rescues who save horses every day.
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