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Sarah Beth's Story


A pretty little mare sad and alone,

Wonít somebody please take me home? 

Hurt by a bad manís hands,

Wonít somebody please make me their own?

I am at an auction now,

With other horses all around.

Put in a ring surrounded by a crowd.

A fast-talking man so hard to understand.

A single voice calls from the crowd.

It all goes quiet, not even one sound.

Iím taken back to an outside pen.

I wonder if Iíll leave again.

When suddenly my eyes do see,

A sweet young lady standing and watching me.

With a voice full of love,

She seems to be the answer from above.

She takes me from this place of strife,

And gives to me a brand new life.

With hands so soft she shows me that,

Humans arenít so very bad.

She feeds me treats and strokes my face,

And gently tends my ouchie place.

I spend my days now full of joy,

With other horses she has saved,

Rescued from a scary fate.

We prance, we run, and we play,

But we always meet her at the gate.

She gives us love and talks to us.

Sarah Beth is now my name.

To all those others sad, abused, and alone,

I pray you peace and gentle hands.

Hands of love like my sweet Sam.


Written By:  Brandi M. Qualset

Copyright:  B.M. Qualset 2008

Read more about Sarah Beth on her page.  Click here!

These are pictures taken when we first saw Sarah Beth at the auction, 14 October 2007.  Sarah Beth was purchased for just $10!


Sarah Beth in the outside auction pen.  Please notice the chain on her halter!

Sarah Beth's proud flesh tumor at the auction.  


Sarah Beth the morning after auction getting to know the babies rescued from the same auction.


Sarah Beth's side where she was abused.

Sarah Beth the morning after the auction. Much happier with that nasty halter off!  You can see where the chain from her halter injured her face.  That isn't all of her injuries...she has many, many scars that tell of the abuse she suffered at human hands!

Sarah Beth's Sam!

These pictures were taken Jan 2008, just 4 months after Sarah Beth's rescue from the auction.


Sarah Beth and Sam:  Buddies. 


Sarah Beth and Sam:  Not bad for a horse terrified of humans just 5 months ago!

Sarah Beth's leg after the first proud flesh removal (there will be one more this spring).

Sarah Beth and Sahara enjoying the sun.

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