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Sheik and Sahara:  Sheik's View


On a trailer we arrived.

Taken to a pen and forced inside.

Mothers with babies,

The young and the old,

Some coming together,

Others alone.

No care for who are weak,

Or who are strong.

Each time we are fed,

The fighting begins.

The strong get the food,

The weak begin to starve.

I see a mother and baby,

Scared and alone.

We join together.

Mother, baby, and me,

Forming a small family.

One day trucks and trailers appear,

They begin jamming horses inside,

Two layers high.

We can hear them,

Fighting and crying with fear.

People are moving through the pens,

Some that poke and prod,

Forcing us to the trailers outside.

Others holding out their hands,

Patiently coaxing,

Easing our fear.

I stand with the mare,

Protecting the foal.

Where do we go?

Who do we follow?

So many are loading in the trailers outside,

So few to the others,

It is so hard to decided.

We huddle together shaking in fear,

The choice is ours to make,

So we walk to those pleading for our sakes.

We are loaded on trailers,

Praying they won’t,

Make us separate.

We cling to each other,

When the trailer door opens.

We cautiously walk out into the open.

Peace fills the air,

There is nothing to fear.

Food, water, and love are everywhere.

We stay together as if,

We were forever bound.


Written By:  Brandi M. Qualset

Copyright:  B.M. Qualset 2008


These pictures were taken at the feedlot where Sheik and Sahara were pulled from.

Horses at the feedlot in Filley, Nebraska.

Some of the horses didn't get along, but no one cared or helped the weaker ones!

Our first view of Sheik...he has his head resting on Sahara's back.

One of the pregnant mares unable to be saved before they were loaded on the trailer.

One of the "unwanted" horses...does this look like a horse that deserves to be slaughtered?  Young and friendly and oh so curious!

Waiting to go on the trailer to slaughter.

Don't they seem like they are saying a final goodbye?

Sheik at the rescue.  What a proud old man he is!  He is approximately 20 years old.  

Sahara from the side...this was week four after arriving the rescue.

Sahara at the rescue November 2007.

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